About us

Started in 1977 by "Mr Smiley", whose motto was "Always put your customer first and enjoy what you are doing". We started as a 900 square foot convenience store in 1977 just across the street from our current location. 1982 saw us evolve into a video store and in 1991 we opened an electronics dept. In 1992 we moved to our 2nd location, a 5000 square foot store about 1/2 a block west on main street.

This location was expanded in 1995 to 7500 square feet to accomodate our growing inventory of electronics and accomodate our new expansion into furniture and appliances. By the year 2000 demand had grown so great for our expanding line of products we decided to build a new store at our current location, which has 20,000 square feet of showroom space, making us one of the largest furniture and electronics showrooms in northeastern Alberta.